TeaJay programming language

TeaJay is a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language that features a pure implementation of the ADT-Concept (Abstract Data Type). Additionally it features Closures, typeswitch and operator overloading. TeaJay is syntactically similar to Java and is compiled for the JVM. Its main feature is the ability to separate the definition part of a type from its implementation part. The implementation of a type is loaded just-in-time during execution of a TeaJay-program. Below are some download links for a prototypal TeaJay-compiler and runtime environment:

TeaJay has been created in the course of two theses (one master thesis and one diploma thesis). For more information (in german) on TeaJay you can download the two theses here: TeaJay.pdf. There is also a german abstract available: abstract.pdf.

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